Don’t Settle, Aim High

For those single ladies and men that have succeeded at getting over their ex, I congratulate you.  It’s no small feat a lot of the time.  So, now you’re on the prowl for your next slab of meat and are scouring all the hot dating sites.  That’s great but what I want to warn you about in this post is falling for the “easy” date.  That is the person that is easily accessible to you right now.  This doesn’t mean that they are sleezy and will put out to anyone.  These are the singles that could be really interested in you but you don’t really reciprocate it.  Don’t settle for them just because they are there and willing.  That is not a good enough reason for you or them.

The key to a successful relationship is to have an equally mutual affection partnership.  No body should ever


be the reacher.  You should both be in it together.  Unfortunately, this is sometimes tricky to distinguish when you’re just out of a relationship and right in the thick of things.  If you’re unsure, it does sometimes help to ask your friends dating what they see when they look at you with your new potential partner.  You don’t have take what they say as the gospel but just think about their answer.

Do not let yourself settle for those single ladies and men that aren’t up to your standards (and I mean that in the nicest way).  Convenience is not a good enough reason to lead somebody on.  You’re just going to end up hurting them and yourself.  Rebound isn’t a good reason either.  Just because you may be looking for somebody else to help you quickly does mean that they want to sign up for that.

So before you go out on the prowl at the local swimming pool think to yourself, “am I really ready for this?  Is it what I really want?  What am I looking for exactly?”  These questions will help you mentally dictate how your night is going to go and who you are going to keep your open for.