First date don’ts.

Things are always a little tense on a first date, you’re nervous and so is the person you’re dating. Here’s a list of what NOT to do on a first date.


1. Be late. What does being late on a first date say about you? Oh, just that the date isn’t important to you and that you can never be counted on. Think about it, would you be late for a job interview? Basically that’s what a first date is, a job interview for single ladies. Don’t mess it up.

2. Over complement. If you compliment her eyes, fine, but don’t then slather adoration on her lips, her skin and her shoes. It sounds fake and it dilutes the first compliment.

3. Talk about sex. Seriously, even if she says something to you, don’t take the bait. Talking about sex on a first date is like eating dessert before dinner. After a conversation about sex, what the hell else can you talk about?

4. Take a call, from anyone. Unless your mother is in the hospital with a septic bowel and you’re waiting to hear if she will live or die, do not take a call. It’s rude and insulting. Turn off the ringer and leave it in your pocket. If you must check it, go to the bathroom to do so.

5. Expect her to pay. On a first date, the guy pays, the girl is supposed to make a vain gesture towards her purse when the bill comes and you are supposed to wave her away. That’s the way it goes. If she’s a cool girl, the next time she will get dinner or at least pick up the tab for dessert or coffee.

6. Lear at the waitress, or notice any other woman alive. It won’t make her jealous, it will just make her mad. It’s just rude.

7. Forget your personal hygiene. Don’t just bathe in cologne and think that’ll do it. Seriously, take a shower! Brush your teeth. Put on deodorant and shave that face, nobody thinks it’s cool to have a five o’clock shadow except your guy friends (and they won’t make out with you). Hygiene is important.

8. Be a negative Nelly. Buddy! It’s your very first impression!  If all you do is complain about your lousy day, the crappy girls on that dating site you two met on and how much the food sucks, she’s going to assume you are always a downer.

9. Get drunk. This is a very bad idea. It makes a girl feel unsafe, you think you’re charming when really you’re being Mr. Grabby Hands and usually you will have to take a cab home. Loser move.

10. Lie. Lying about anything is bad, especially when you are getting to know someone. If you lie about your age, or your income, what you do for a living, it will all come back to bite you in the butt. More than that, many people can sense deception, so even if they don’t know what you’re lying about, they will feel distrustful towards you.

If you avoid all of the above you have a good chance at scoring a second date. Remember, sometimes it’s what you didn’t do that will get a girl to like you.