Mr. Right VS Mr. Right Now

Romantic notions about finding “the one” or Mr. Right have always been around. Recently, more and more women have been rethinking the idea of that one match. It seems that Mr. Right Now is become a popular choice for many single ladies.

Today it’s a face off between Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now.


Round one

You’re going to a wedding, not your own, lets say… your sister is getting married. You are casually dating a nice guy, goatee, lives with four roommates and currently works for his uncle’s car garage, aka Mr. Right Now.

Do you…take Mr. Right Now, knowing that he doesn’t have it all together and that some of your relatives are going to wrinkle their noses at his goatee and motor oil stained fingernails?

Or do you go solo, because you never know, you could meet Mr. Right at that wedding?

Verdict: If you go solo on the off chance that a single guy at a wedding will be looking for anything other than a hook up, you’re an idiot. If you have an easy going guy to dance the slow songs with and laugh along with you at the drunken speeches your uncle Harry makes, why would’t you?

Winner of round one: Mr. Right Now.


Round two

You landlord is selling the building and you have a month to move. Mr. Right Now asks if you want to move in with him, he’s got an extra bedroom and you guys have been together for a while. Only thing is, if you do that, you’re going to have to get more serious and you might have to let go of your dream guy.

Do you…take Mr. Right Now up on his offer, knowing that although he’s not a big dish washer or milk buyer, he does make a mean french toast and doesn’t snore?

Or do you…move into a bachelorette pad and risk alienating Mr. Right Now in order to keep your options open for meeting someone better?

Verdict: You’d be a total idiot to not take Mr. Right Now up on his offer to move in. Sure he might not clean the bath tub every week, but he’s a good guy and isn’t going to be a jerk if you leave dishes in the sink for a few days. Waiting around and spending extra money on your own place is a waste of money and time.

Winner of round two: Mr. Right Now


Round Three


This a biggie. What would you do if you found out you were pregnant? You know it’s Mr. Right Now’s baby an you’re at an age where you’re thinking about having kids anyway. If you have a baby with him, you’re committed, in one way or another for life. Your chances of getting with Mr. Right are going to greatly diminish.

So…do you go through with the pregnancy and have a baby with a guy who you saw as good enough for dating, but who you’re not totally sold on for a long term thing? Are you willing to take that risk? A baby changes everything, it might a good thing since Mr. Right now seems to be really good with kids and has a steady job that isn’t too stressful. You could also end up always wondering about the “what ifs”.

What if…you didn’t have the baby? What if…you broke up with Mr. Right Now and looked up that amazing guy who you met two years ago at your sister’s university graduation who seemed like his life was so on track? What if…you get involved and he’s a shallow ego maniac, or is really nice and really gay? What then? You can’t turn back time and undo an ended pregnancy. It’s a heavy to think about, I know.

Verdict: If you’re at a place where you think you could handle children and you know Mr. Right Now is not going to bolt or shove $500 bucks in your hand and offer to drive you to a clinic, a baby may be something to consider. Especially if you’re in your thirties, with only some fantasy man holding you back. Life is precious, it’s your choice, but you should do some serious thinking.

Winner by a land side is…

Mr. Right Now!

When it comes to holding your breath waiting for a prince charming, sometimes it’s a good idea to look at who’s sitting next to you. Mr. RIght Now might actually be your Mr. Right.