Single ladies sabotage!!

Have you noticed that you’ve had a hard time finding that special someone, even with all that “help” from your friends? It might your pals that are the problem. I’m just a normal girl with eyes but I’ve got to tell you, I’m noticing more and more how single ladies sabotage their friends dating lives.

Here’s how to spot if your female friends are blocking your chances of finding a date.

1. They are alway finding flaws in the guy, even before they’ve met him. If you’re using an online dating site and you show your friend a few profiles of guy you think are cute and she rips them all apart. They make sweeping generalizing statements “oh he’s short, he’s probably an insecure jerk” or “That guy looks like he lost his virginity to his cousin”.

2. Your friends never tell you when you have something in your teeth. It may sound like a small thing, but if your BFF is letting you smile at hot guys when you have spinach in your grill, she is not your friend.

3. She embarrasses you in front of possible dating prospects. Did your “friend” really have to mention that time you drank corked wine and shit yourself in her boyfriends convertible?

4. Your friend only sets you up with guys who are gay, mental or hideously ugly. You know she has guy friends who aren’t fatally flawed, she just wants to keep them in her “just in case” box.

5. She ruins special moments that could happen between you and a new man. You’re on a date, it’s going well, suddenly you get an urgent text for your gal pal saying she needs you to drive her to the hospital. When you rush over to her place expecting a severed limb, you see her with a twisted ankle. Any photo op you have which could end up in a frame is ruined if she’s around.