Take a break from dating and find “the one”.

Sometimes dating people can seem like a revolving door. One person is coming in just as the other has left. With online dating this is getting to be even more prevalent. Is this what’s causing more and more single ladies to keep landing back on the dating market

There is a trend among many happy couples…

Many of them met each other after “breaks” from the dating scene. Does this really work? Today we’ll look at why being on your own might be the best path to finding your true love.

Reason one.

You get to know yourself. I remember a time in my mid twenties when I realized that I hadn’t been single for more than a month at a time for over seven years. Turns out this is pretty common. What’s wrong with that? Well for me at least, I didn’t know who I was anymore. So I took a break and started doing things alone, in order to face myself.


Reason two.

You get know what you like, without some else’s opinion. When you’re being wooed into a new relationship, you get introduced to his favorite wine or her best home made apple pie. This can make it hard to develop your own likes and dislikes. Think about it, when was the last time you went out to eat by yourself? Try it, pick a restaurant that interest you, take time ordering, you might be surprised by how hard it is to choose what YOU want.


Reason three.

You get to cultivate your own dreams for a change. How many people find themselves encouraging their partners, while their own hopes wither on the vine? When you take time for your own goals, you are a happier person, which attracts a better type of mate. Follow your dreams, and your dream lover will follow you.

Reason four.

When you’re single by choice, you get to know people more slowly. This includes people you find attractive. This is actually a really good thing because sometimes you realize after knowing a guy for a while, that he’s a jerk. Without the complication of a physical relationship, you can just make a mental note about what it was you didn’t like, and make sure to be wary of guys like him in the future.

Reason five.

You get to take time and work on yourself. This means that when you do start looking for a someone special again, you’re a better person. Whether you’re doing yoga or reading up on codependency, doing personal work is always a good idea.

Reason six.

You reconnect with your friends and family and you get reminded of what you really love in people. Another thing is that when you’re around your pals, you can really relax and be yourself. It’s true what they say, find the perfect person for you, not the perfect person. Bottom line, be yourself.


 You are unique,  find someone who complements the things that make you shine.

Do I think that taking a break can help you find a match? Heck yeah. It might not be necessary for everybody, but if you’re serial monogamist, it really can help. Being on your own helps you form your own opinions, reconnect with who you are and can also help you drop a little excess baggage from past relationships.

Put that all together and you get a happy well adjusted person who knows what she or he wants. That is very attractive, both literally and figuratively.