Too much, too fast?

So, one of the latest PDA couples that have just faced the axe are Leonardo DiCaprio and his lovely young girlfriend (or ex now), Gossip Girls, Blake Lively.

The two have been spotted at dating sites everywhere around the world from Venice to Sydney on what always appears to be honeymoon like trips.  The pair have been displaying their affection for each other for five months before the sudden break up surprised even the friends of the couple.  The Titanic stars’ friends said they were shocked that the two split.  They claim they had never seen him act this way with any of the other single ladies and wouldn’t have been surprised to see an engagement within six months.

However, that seems to not be the case with the two calling it quite only a couple days again according to reps on either side.  The question becomes why?

Looking at their whirlwind romance it seems they had jumped into more than friends dating very quickly.  First being seen together on Spielberg’s yacht during the Cannes Film Festival the two jumped both feet into a relationship.  DiCaprio and Lively appear to get too involved in each other way too fast.  This is the culprit to the end of many relationships, especially in Hollywood.  Like an explosion it burns brightly for a second and it’s intense but just ends in smoke and debris.

When you start to get involved with someone don’t get all consumed with them.  Keep your own identity and have your own life.  The point of being with someone is to bring together to separate lives, not to create a whole new world of your own and end up getting sick of it.