Up up up and away

The first step to successful dating is to make sure you’re over your ex.  I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve complained about not being in a relationship when I actually haven’t even gotten over the previous one in the first place!  Ya ok, rebounds are one thing.  You kind of go into a rebound relationship knowing full well he’s there to boost your confidence and take your mind off of other things, especially when all your friends dating look on you with pity.

BUT if you want some free dating advice – take your your time.  Even the shortest of relationships can take a little bit of time to get over.  When I say “get over” though I don’t mean sit alone in the dark with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s as you re-read old texts wondering where it all went wrong.  Single ladies like you are too hot and have too much pride waste on useless things like that.  OK, ya caught me.  I may have done that in the past but trust me, it does nothing for you except create these imaginary situations that never even occurred and  make yourself feel bad.

I’m not a monster however, I do know sometimes a good cry is necessary to help get over that skeeze ball.  So go ahead.  Have your night to do whatever it is that will help you forget your ex – cry, burn old photos, eat tubs upon tubs of icecream with your girlfriends and so forth.  One thing I do highly recommend once your relationship has ended is DELETE DELETE DELETE him off every social networking site you have.

That means…

  • no facebook
  • no twitter
  • no myspace
  • no tumblr
  • no flickr
  • no linked in
  • no NOTHING
Single ladies have the notorious reputation of what I like to call “lurking“.  This is means they virtually stalk their ex on any to all of these forums.  This isn’t healthy.  It pretty much destroys your self-esteem and makes you over estimate their happiness in comparison to your own.  Do you REALLY want to see him with another girl?  What do you get out of it if you do?  Probably another tub of icecream I’m thinking.
Instead, why don’t you try and take up activities you’ve always wanted to try.  Like rec volleyball, learning another language, taking a class on basics of car mechanics.  These are all things that get you out of the house, off the computer and away from your virtual ex.  You’ll be away from those old feeling quickly of over that D-bag faster than you thought.  Besides, who knows what kind of hottie you could meet at these unsuspecting dating sites.