What dating an idiot will teach you

Online dating is never easy, you definitely have to kiss many toads to find a prince. Sometimes the frogs are also borderline Forrest Gumps. If you’re paying attention those dating experiences can still teach you important lessons.

Today’s task for the single ladies reading this blog is to take the lemons of that idiot you dated for two months and make brilliant lemonade from the things you learned. Here’s my top ten.

1. Sex really isn’t everything. When you’re sick and he forgot that he said he would drive you to the doctor’s, you really realize that a good make out session really doesn’t compare with someone who will be there for you when you need them.


2. Guy’s who wear Christmas themed underwear will never remember to pick you up from the airport.

3. You learn to be self sufficient. When your boyfriend can’t even follow a GPS, you’ll soon find yourself with the map in your capable hands. That’s a good thing.


4. You learn to listen to your gut, because often if you had done that to begin with, you wouldn’t have dated that mindless man.

5. Patience. How many times did you have to explain the different between astronomy and astrology? Patience is something you can bring into relationships later on down the road.

6. Budgeting. If there is one thing you don’t want to do, it’s leave the water bill in the hands of someone who can’t figure out a tip.


7. You come prepared. You know a guy is an idiot when he never has condoms or an extra towel. Because of dating that half wit, you now always keep condoms in your purse and a fully stocked overnight bag in your trunk.

8. You learn how to be assertive. Most men who aren’t very bright, won’t tackle things head on because they don’t have the confidence. So you have to step it up, say yes or no, and get things resolved. This is a very good thing.


9. You plan ahead. If you’ve dated an idiot, you know to never leave things to chance, so you get in the habit of checking times and dates of important events, reservations and even groceries.

10. You learn ask for what you need. One thing is certain about dating an idiot, they do not get hints. So if you want flowers, you have to ask for them , of you want a specific present for your birthday (or for him to remember your birthday) you have to tell him. This is good, we should ask for what we need.